Layers Of Beauty

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2 min readSep 9, 2022


Framed picture with blue clouds hanging on wall, beautiful light from a window lies on top of the picture.
© by the Author, Roland Vögtli

First there were clouds.

Beautiful, undulating, enchanting cloud bands in a myriad of shades of blue. And I was standing there in awe. So this is how beauty looks!

Once my soul was in reverberation with the blue waves in the sky, a camera was my brush and canvas to capture the impression I felt deep in my heart. And then I carefully printed and framed that shot and found a good place on the walls of my century old house. So this is how beauty looks!

And after waking up one morning, I walked past this picture and the sun threw her rays through the old window glasses onto the picture on the wall. The glass, vivified by magical irregularity thanks to the old Fourcault process, put a crown on the picture and hung a noble dress of luminous threads around it. So this is how beauty looks!

And then it dawned on me: the very moment always adds one more layer of beauty. So being in the present, being awake and mindful in the moment right now, is my chance to discover one more layer of beauty in my life.

An image of a long ago experience, hanging on that century old wall since a decade, me having walked past this scene for countless times. And at that very moment, when I slowed down, when I really was awake and present, there it was — yet another layer of beauty added right in front of me. So this is how beauty looks!

PS: if you want to see the very source of these soothing drops, those beautiful clouds shown in the framed picture on the wall… follow me to the revelation story:

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